Saturday, September 25, 2010

Withdrawal Plans / China Trip 2010

I was supposed to further up my studies to the States (Western Michigan University) last month(25th August). My friend who had been already a sophomore there warned me to think twice before everything was too late for a comeback, not unless I have unlimited cash to spend. Several factors that he pointed out to me was :
1# The fees increased dramatically to a ridiculously $58k exclusively for flight practical only. (I would have enrolled into Embry Riddle if I was able to withdraw the amount that easily).

2# It's going to take at least 3years to graduate, given that there are at least 80 credits hours to complete. (2years MAX locally)

3# They only offered FAA PPL and CPL license, not sure if with Instrument Rating though. ( Since the economic crisis is slowly rebounding, but I am still lack the confident to graduate with job guarantee over there).

4# Worst to worst,if I have to come back to look for job, there are license conversion procedure to follow which gonna cost me another 100k with another year to take up extra papers. (FAA to DCA).

At first I was quite hesitated, because I never thought I would have to make such an important decision that may jeopardize my future(if my decision was a mistake). So after giving much thought with plenty of research and seniors from local flying school ( Zhen Xian [HMA] & AhKilan [APFT]), I decided to retract my departure. Nevertheless, please don't hesitated to tell me if I've made the wrong decision ( if there's any).

On contrary to the celebration of Hari Raya, I engaged a trip to China( Shanghai) along with lishin and her family after seeing green light from my parents. It was a few years since I last board an airplane for over 4hours. To my expectation, everything was about histories of China which began to pique my interest( some of it). Many of them asked why did I even followed when I've already visited to the same place few years back? My answer to all of them is only one word. Aircraft. My main purpose is to board airplane. My thirst for aircraft were so strong, I miss every minute the moment I went in (nostalgic sensation). Pretty dumb huh?! As an aviation enthusiastic, I never get bored , in fact, I was 'pumped up' every time I went to the airport or onboard the airplane. But please don't misunderstand, whenever I sent somebody off at the airport, be it my relatives or friends, I did it with full sincerity and not because of my personal interest in aviation. =D


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 -Genting Highlands -

20th Dec - Sun
Departed from BP to KL getting ready to celebrate the pre-christmas celebration in Kuala Lumpur. My singapore plan which had cancelled due to some inconveniences matter that rised up at the very last min which then prompted me to go up KL instead of heading south. After I arrived, I met LiShin after "finally" making several calls(=X). Her mother and sister were shopping in Pyramid whereby me and her with Edwin went to watch Princess and the Frog followed by dinner until 11.30pm.

21st Dec - Monday
I woke up at 1pm+...It was late as I've promised to meet up with LiShin. I went to Pudu to buy bus tickets on friday for myself and my sis. By the time I reached Midvalley, it was already 3.40pm to meet with Lishin and her family. That's when I met her brother, mother and sister for the very first time. Followed them to shop around for clothes and then we went to Kim Gary for a light drink before joining her father and his friends for dinner at Oversea Restaurant. There I met their friend whom they called Aunty "Nian" who's so funny and amused me from head to toe from the way she talked. They kinda chat with me for a bit and then they sent me back to Kelana Jaya where I rode bus straight back to Sunway.

(at Skyway Cable Car)
22nd Dec - Tuesday
Today, I woke up at 0840hours..I packed my things after bath and went to ONE-U. Before reaching ONE-U, LiShin asked me wait at Kelana Jaya and from there, her parents fetch me back to their home to put all the luggages and bags in her home and then we went to ONE-U for lunch. At 1.30pm, we embarked on an hour journey to Genting Highlands via Skyway Cable Car with ah liang ( her lil bro). Once reached, we met with her parents who went up by car and we check-in at Highlands Hotel. We went shopping around First World Indoor Theme Park. We were shocked when we went into BUM CITY shop and ah liang broke one of the female cosmetics powder in which we had to pay RM60.00 for that. We then settled down in Pizza Hut for dinner. Then we met with LiShin's mother and Aunty "Nian" and we brought them to shop for female clothes. As usual, having aunty nian around really lighten up the atmosphere very much~ You Keat( aunty's 2nd son) joined us for supper at MCD. After back to our room, we chat a bit and eventually her mother brought us out to Starbucks again to have a little chit-chat with me, Lishin , ah liang.

23rd Dec - Wednesday

I snoozed alarm from 9am to 10am. LiShin's was quite impatient for waiting me to get me up from my bed =.=!
We headed to Genting World for breakfast with ah liang and she insisted on paying the bill. Ah liang joined her friends after that. The atmosphere was surrounded by thick mist and fog which halted our plan to go outdoor theme park, so LiShin and me continued to shop deeper into the shopping lot without missing the opportunity to take photos! Upon reaching the cinema, we decided to watch Avatar which everyone was praising for its amazing storyline. We bought premium class tickets with the more comfortable seats and a set of popcorn and drink for free which cost only RM18.00 nett. The movie really lives up to my expectation and I must say I enjoyed it..After the movie, we waited for Edwin's arrival. Then we had our dinner at Hou Mei Restaurant as I suggested. While we were still at it, I insisted to Edwin to buy a Santa-Hat as to fit into our pictures taken later~We went to Old Town from 12am until 2am that night. Edwin stayed in our room on that particular night
too. Although we said "we wanted to play until we can't recognized ourselves anymore (in a hyperbole way) but we think that actually "we eat until we cant recognized ourselves anymore!." swt =.=!!

24th Dec - Thursday
Woke up at 11am and check-out at 12pm. We had our lunch at Kenny Rogers. LiShin said I spent alot, so she said this meal is on her house again..We parted with edwin after our lunch and walked to First World Hotel there, only to find that the bus counter to KL was closed! wtf~ we then dragged our luggages back to Skyway Cable Car and from there we went straight home -Lishin's home. After sending her father to Subang Airport, we went back home before going to Pyramid's Ichiban Ramen for dinner. The traffic at that time was really jammed and almost all food restaurants was full house. After dinner, they bought some chocolates from Marks & Spencer where her mom gave one to me as a christmas gift in a very surprise way yet shocked..We went back home and my cousin came to fetch me back after the christmas countdown. That's how my christmas ended this year~ Had a really great time! =0

*presents presents*

Friday, September 11, 2009

Of VAIO Reborn!~

IT was on this day, September 9 (9/9/2009), Wednesday morning, I woke up as usual and prepared for my early morning class which was chemistry. As I finished my bath, it was still 10mins before class starts. I sat in front of my Sony Vaio laptop and my thoughts were rumbling with lots of stuff. "Should I open my laptop and do the usual stuff like checking facebook and see who's online in the early morning?" OR should I play my psp to beat the hell out of quina to keep him from humiliating me again. Andrew just woke up not long after me, was actually standing behind me for quite some time ,staring at the kettle as if he had a grudge against it.I was laughing sheepishly to myself.. Ahh!~ Without second thought, I packed all my books and rushed to college.

I ended my class at 10.30am...I was on my way to "orange restaurant" when ah bee called me. "ANTHONY!! Did u bring your laptop to school?"...NO! I replied.. Your laptop has gone missing!! I said "WHAT?!" I remembered I saw my laptop on my table two hours ago!! He told me "Our house was broke in!" OKOK I'll be home in a couple of minutes.. On my way, I thought to myself, What if my laptop was really being stolen?? My "legacy" was all inside and then it's going to disappear just like that??" When I reached home, Koh was the first I saw , looking at me with the sense of empathy (I guess)... The next thing I realized, my VAIO that's supposed to be on my table and now were gone..The padlock was disassemble so perfectly and easily like a toy..I called my mom yet she's so understandable that she didn't even get angry at me..She suggested me to survey laptops price at pyramid the next day since I need it that urgently. We didn't report to the if I'll believe them to move their asses to get their job done other than just typing a few sentences in the computer just to "entertain" the victims.

I still have test on the same day in the evening..I told myself not to get affected by the incident so that it won't my concentration and the outcome of the test...In the end, I did pretty well in which I was quite satisfied...The next day, Ah Bee and Quina accompany me went to pyramid to scout the laptop prices..actually, I've already made up my mind to check out on VAIO..It's indeed a good product, not to mention its durability and it's superb Sony quality with a little bit expensive though..I remembered I told David, if I can have the opportunity to change laptop, I won't change other than Sony Vaio as it's still my favourite..I swiped my MASTER CARD in Pyramid Sony Centre after gotten permission from my mom and there it is..

SONY VAIO CS VGN-CS36GJ with Intel Core2duo Processor (2.53GHZ), 4GB Ram with Nvidia Geforce 9300 Graphic Card

Yes, first things first..I tried playing DEVIL MAY CRY 4 on my laptop to check out the performance. It turns out to work just fine. My graphic card was able to run the game decently , at least better than the previous one.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Semester 2009!

As far as I concerned, Summer isn't an appropriate period to study at all!~ The thing is we have one month and a half to finish all the required syllabus for a particular subject, only if one subject is taken..what about two or three in a short sem? As for me, I took GEOG1000 (World Ecological And Man or Geography for short). I dropped English1050 after knowing my TOEFL result is actually adequate to transfer to the western countries (Adrian help me further reconfirm this statement). Short sem or Summer Sem is actually very stressful period since we had no time to spare for assignments and presentations.

I still remembered during the beginning of the semester, I felt lazy and hard to concentrate in the class. In addition, Dr Uthaya,unlike the other lecturers, like to ask questions and opinions about our world current state AND I GOT PICKED almost everytime which I duno why! I told Ucchishta repeatedly " I am not ready for class at all!! Even after one week of attending the class!! What's wrong with me"!! He only replied, BE A MAN!! Remember our philosophy! When you play , you PLAY HARD! When you study, you STUDY HARD!!" That's what drive us during this semester! Oh yes, before I forgot, Ucchishta goes BALD!! BALDY HEAD! Which is quite cool also since it suits him quite well. Yes, everything went back to normal as usual not long after.

To be honest, I spend a lot of time talking about college stuff, girls and self-improvement thingy with Ucchishta. I'll called him as Bro from now on. Why?! Wait for it! Wait For it! He's the one who gave me the series , "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER SEASON 4." We talked about it almost everytime and even learn some of the philosophy, moral values and good examples in the series especially from BARNEY STINSON. Yes, we idolized him so much that we even followed "THE BRO CODE" created by Barney. This is when we became Bros! And we actually developed a lot of tactics, strategies and ways on how attract girls on our own. He said wanna create a blog for these and the results remains unknown.Damn I love College life man~

On July 3rd, our ADTP held an event called Twilight Carnival on contrary with the celebration of American Week. Each of us from different classes set up different booths mainly food and games. There are also bull ride, mountain climbing and calculus quizzes with Scientific Calculator and Grapher to be won. But what captivate crowd the most was the dance performance by Revolution Club. It's indeed an impressive performance of all times although Ely made a slight mistake.

On June 8th, it was Adrian's Birthday...In the evening, we had CCS (Chinese Cultural Society) Club Election Day. I told him not to vote for me but damn, the others voted me for some kinda post which till now I am not sure what is it actually...To put it simply, it's a "Penolong Ketua AJK"..After that, we went to K3K restaurant to celebrate Adrian's birthday. At first, this dinner was actually invited by Mr. Chong (our calculus lecturer) to have us try on his relatives new open shop. Since it's coincidence that day was a big day for Adrian, we might as well celebrate there.

After the final exam ended, we went to pyramid and watched two movies, "Land Of The Lost" and " Public Enemies". I went to CC with Radit until 7am in the morning before I went back in three hours time to celebrate my Sis birthday which is around the corner. I bought her a bangle with her name attached to it (approved from bro and amanda). Not sure whether she like it though. I know I might get bored at home since my PS2 had been R.I.P for the last few months. So I bought a PSP3000 piano black which costs me RM850. It's 5.03 version with M33-6 custom firmware. The stuff included was PSP Pouch, screen protector, USB cable and Sony Playstation Earphone. In my opinion, the CFW(custom firmware) for PSP3000 are still not as stable as CFW for PSP2000 since PSP3000 was released not long ago. I might try to find the shopkeeper to update a better version of CFW which is going to be very soon.

(PSP3006 Piano Black)

Last week, most of my friends complained why the results haven't released yet since the new semester is starting soon. You can't expect us to enjoy sem break with our minds thinking about the results! But then 2 days ago, results had been officially released! Most of the friends I know did pretty well. To Tommy and Soh, they did well for their A-Levels AS. Tommy got 2A 1B while Soh score full A's. Congratulations to them. I am not sure about others since they don't bother to reply me. David is going to transfer to Michigan soon.. Bid him farewell and I hope I can get to meet you next year when it's my turn to get there nxt year.

Student name


















Subject Code

Subject Title

Credit Hours






GPA : 4 CGPA : 3.54

Monday, June 29, 2009

SUN-U Animangaki

Sunway University College held an event called Animangaki (Anime Festival) on 27th and 28th of June. This is my 2nd visit to a Anime Festival after the previous one which was held in INTI college. Yes, it's the only occasion where every anime freaks like I am gathered around and entertained by a lot of familliar cosplay , anime music , action figures , posters and wallpaper. Otherwise, I said it's a NONO to go if u aren't a Otaku (obsessed with anime,manga and video games).
As u can see, Animax (channel 715 on Astro) and Gempak were promoting their advertisement through this event. Omatsuri (Japanese Cultural Festival) were part of the activities including the famous goldfish scooping and the traditional yoyo fishing. This is also a good chance to learn some of the japanese languages and quotes here.

(Pein of Akatsuki) (Akatsuki with Sakura From Naruto)

(Bleach Captains) (Soul-Eater)

(Dante-Devil May Cry) Reno Of The Turks (FFVII)

(Bleach and Dragonball Action Figures with Transformers and Gundam behind)
They have also invited all the band singers from outside to heave up the crowd, the climax moment. Everybody released themselves, jumping non-stop, dance, only to quench their thirst for music, Japanese Anime Music!!

(Band Perfomance)

(Bleach - Life)

(Bleach - Rolling Star)

(Digimon - Butterfly)

( Samurai X - Sobakasu)


Saturday, June 27, 2009

FRIM Trip ( Forest Research Institute Malaysia)

I must say, this is my 1st college/university trip with a bunch of classmates from all walks of life. This trip was considered part of our assignment for GEOG1000 subject (World Ecological and Man). The lecturer who led the trip was Dr. Uthaya who went quite extreme towards environment protection. I wont comment much on that but indeed she's one of the most respectable lecturer in Sunway ADTP.
We gather at the foyer at 7.45am this morning and to my expectation, the bus arrived late and we departed at 8.30am. I sat with Benedict on the bus.It took half an hour journey to reach FRIM. There were huge variation of trees and flowers everywhere and the place was not quite being modernized yet. We can see many people jogging around , doing some push-up exercising on the field, cycling and etc. There are also some apartments for those who like to stay overnight.
(Near the Entrance )
The route was full of obstacles and harsh when it comes to hiking to the top hill. The purpose of this activity was to promote awareness of the importance towards our ecosystem , witnessing the uniqueness of the flora in our country and appreciating the clean water and cool air on top of the hill. During the climbing,Many of us were watching our footstep while some of them were dodging all the leeches as they breed in near the muddy and murky area.It was really rough, unpleasant and tiring. Jee hee was on the brink of collapsing. So, few of us stay back to look after her before continuing to the top. Canopy walk was also part of the journey. Those who have acrophobia (afraid of height) might have difficulty to continue though this canopy walk is not as dangerous as what I undergo in Jubli Intan Camp.

(Before the Canopy Walk with Dr. Uthaya)
The bridge was well built with the assistance from Germany. It was like "Phew". Not purely Malaysia product and it seems much safer that way..We were laughing sheepishly among ourselves without anyone's notice. We started the walk on the canopy contemplatively and deliberately. The canopy only allowed maximum 5 people at one go to avoid unnecessary incident to occur. The bridge quivered and we're required to develop sense of collaboration for a safety journey.

(Canopy Walk)
After the canopy path ended, we passed by waterfalls and the area beyond is common place for picnic activities. Wai Song actually help me to create this chance by asking her to capture a few pictures for us. Unexpectedly, I was startled when she approached me and show me the picture taken. We did chat a few words and I am contented that we interact to each other though it's such a short period. After a while , we went back and disbanded. It was a real good experiences and opportunity to know the friends around us better