Saturday, September 25, 2010

Withdrawal Plans / China Trip 2010

I was supposed to further up my studies to the States (Western Michigan University) last month(25th August). My friend who had been already a sophomore there warned me to think twice before everything was too late for a comeback, not unless I have unlimited cash to spend. Several factors that he pointed out to me was :
1# The fees increased dramatically to a ridiculously $58k exclusively for flight practical only. (I would have enrolled into Embry Riddle if I was able to withdraw the amount that easily).

2# It's going to take at least 3years to graduate, given that there are at least 80 credits hours to complete. (2years MAX locally)

3# They only offered FAA PPL and CPL license, not sure if with Instrument Rating though. ( Since the economic crisis is slowly rebounding, but I am still lack the confident to graduate with job guarantee over there).

4# Worst to worst,if I have to come back to look for job, there are license conversion procedure to follow which gonna cost me another 100k with another year to take up extra papers. (FAA to DCA).

At first I was quite hesitated, because I never thought I would have to make such an important decision that may jeopardize my future(if my decision was a mistake). So after giving much thought with plenty of research and seniors from local flying school ( Zhen Xian [HMA] & AhKilan [APFT]), I decided to retract my departure. Nevertheless, please don't hesitated to tell me if I've made the wrong decision ( if there's any).

On contrary to the celebration of Hari Raya, I engaged a trip to China( Shanghai) along with lishin and her family after seeing green light from my parents. It was a few years since I last board an airplane for over 4hours. To my expectation, everything was about histories of China which began to pique my interest( some of it). Many of them asked why did I even followed when I've already visited to the same place few years back? My answer to all of them is only one word. Aircraft. My main purpose is to board airplane. My thirst for aircraft were so strong, I miss every minute the moment I went in (nostalgic sensation). Pretty dumb huh?! As an aviation enthusiastic, I never get bored , in fact, I was 'pumped up' every time I went to the airport or onboard the airplane. But please don't misunderstand, whenever I sent somebody off at the airport, be it my relatives or friends, I did it with full sincerity and not because of my personal interest in aviation. =D


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